клинические исследования лекарственных препаратов

NADIM CRO Company renders qualitative services on pursuance of all stages of clinical research (I-IV) of pharmaceutical on beneficial terms. We lay special emphasis on quick selection of the patients, careful choice of the research centre, control of the process and test results.

The fourth stage of the research is carried out after the studied pharmaceutical is registered as per the definite identifiers and becomes publically available in the retail chains. The aim of IV stage is receipt of additional information about the drug’s security, the use and risk of its application, detection of unknown side effects, as well as optimization of the ways of I-IV) drug, pharmaceuticals intake on beneficial terms. We lay special emphasis on quick selection of the patients,  careful choice of the research centre, control of process and test results.

IV stage of the studies is necessary for:

  • improvement of the drug dosage scheme
  • study of interaction with other pharmaceuticals
  • comparative analysis with the other standard drugs
  • application of the drug in other age groups or among the patients of other categories
  • influence of the drug’s delayed effects on the survival rate (decrease or increase of fatality level)
  • results of long-term application among the patients from different groups

Even after testing of pharmaceuticals with participation of thousands of volunteers the full effect of its use will be studied in post-marketing studies. At this stage it will be possible to detect extraordinary side effects as well as delayed side effects, which requires pursuance of longstanding studies. IV stage of the clinical research is connected with the drugs which are already licensed and therefore are available for doctors and patients.

Nowadays pharmacovigilance organizations efficiently operate in Russia. Monitoring of adverse side reactions in various forms, including active prospective monitoring (method considered to be the most complete and providing detection of maximum quantity of adverse side reactions for objective assessment of risks connected with the drug use) is carried out. Formation of the well adjusted structure on timely detection of adverse side reactions gives definite advantages for the clinical researches of stage IV.