Clinical research of pharmaceuticals

Pursuance of clinical research is a necessary stage for expansion of indications for application of the pharmaceutical, known to doctors, or in case of new pharmaceutical development.

As a rule decision on participation in them is taken by pharmaceutical manufacturers. NADIM CRO Company takes charge for their practical pursuance. The very process is quite long-lasting and can take lots of time.

 Pursuance of clinical research of pharmaceuticals. Stages

There are 4 main stages of pharmaceuticals testing:

  • primary gustation of healthy volunteers;
  • assessment of efficiency and safety of application among patients with a definite disease;
  • testing of the drug on large groups of patients;
  • efficiency assessment and detection of differences of a new pharmaceutical from the alike ones.

NADIM CRO Company renders services on pursuance of the clinical research of pharmaceuticals. We lay special emphasis on quick selection of the patients, careful choice of the research centre, control of the process and test results. Our specialists are highly qualified, have solid experience, which enables their achievement of successful results within the fixed period.