Pharmacoeconomics is a relatively new science. Its main objective is an economic assessment of bioengineered and pharmaceutical products. As a result of pharmaeconomic studies the drug cost and efficiency are compared, advantages of a new drug are detected against the old ones.

The main methods of pharmaeconomic studies:

  • Cost minimization analysis helps to compare the costs of alternative ways of treatment in case of their equal efficiency.
  • Analysis of cost input describes the expenditures for treatment of patients with a definite disease.
  • Cost efficiency analysis gives comparative assessment of the costs for alternative ways of treatment in relation to the results of their application.
  • Cost utility analysis.
  • Profitability analysis.

Economic assessment of pharmaceutical and bioengineered products, measuring and comparing results of treatment and the costs, their interpretation in the course of decision taking:

  • on the government level — for reasonable use of healthcare resources for provision of health for the country population;
  • when establishing national recommendations for introduction and implementation of effective, safe pharmaceuticals;
  • when making forms for the hospitals, practicing physicians with the aim to provide reasonable pharmacotherapy.

Comparative study of correlation between the costs and the efficiency, safety, quality of life under various alternative disease treatment (prophylactics) schemes. Determination of medical technology with optimal “cost-efficiency” or “cost-utility” identifier for rational use of healthcare funds and more satisfaction of the population needs in pharmacotherapy, treatment, diagnostics and others. Economic assessment of pharmaceuticals, development of pharmacoeconomic model, preparation of a scientific report with conclusions for various levels of healthcare system: the federal, regional ones or the hospital level:

  • development of analytical model of decision taking;
  • study of feasibility of the purchased drugs on the basis of ABC/VEN-analysis;
  • assessment of life quality connected with patients’ health;
  • complex assessment of medical technologies (Health Technology Assessment / HTA);
  • making research of the medical products market;
  • study of consumption and demand for medical products among population, medical institutions.

NADIM CRO Company holds pharmacoeconomic studies with the use of various methods: mathematic simulation, retrospective analysis etc. We offer:

  • retrospective and prospective clinical tests with elements of pharmacoeconomic analysis on the grounds of the previously held research;
  • tests based on the study of information received during in-patient and out-patient practice in the course of cooperation with the leading medical institutions of the Russian Federation.