Medical statistics and translations

Our company renders services on statistical analysis of the clinical research results with the guarantee of confidentiality and safety of the submitted data. Services on making statistical analysis include the following:

  • Consultations, development and pursuance of statistical analysis of the clinical research.
  • Preparation of statistical, medical and integrated report of the research.

Besides in the process of pharmaceuticals registration or organization of the clinical research we often face dealing with the medical and pharmaceutical documentation in various languages, especially when the drug or one of its active components is manufactured by a foreign company. As against ordinary literary text the pharmaceutical or medical documents include many specific terms which an ordinary translator without specific education can hardly translate and even if he/she does, there will definitely be misuse of terms or some other mistakes. This is unacceptable, since these documents in the Russian language must clearly depict actual state of affairs and information specified in the original language. That is why our company offers you services on translation of medical documentation. We cooperate with professional translators specializing in medicine, chemistry or pharmacy.

However in modern terms of the clinical research held in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) the main documents must be presented in the English language. When making clinical research in Russia one should consider that many research workers still do not know English, that is why bilingual documents should be submitted. Our company is responsible for quality of own submitted documents, including those in the English language.